Leakomatic M4i Premium

Remotely controlled water leak breaker for homes and leisure houses


Leakomatic M4i

The Leakomatic M4i is based on the patented Leakomatic sensor – the most accurate water leak detection system on the market. The Leakomatic M4i can be connected to your home’s Wifi network, after which it can easily be controlled with a mobile app or computer. It allows you to manage status and system configuration, receive alarms  and view statistics of your Leakomatic in your mobile device or computer regardless of place and time. The app requires you to sign up for a Leakomatic Cloud account and pair your device.

Our technology does not require you to turn off your water supply for detecting problems. Your Leakomatic will protect your home 24 hours a day every day of the year wether you are home, at work or traveling. With Leakomatic you will save money and the environment while securing your home for water damage.

Product content

  • Valve unit
  • Display (languages: swedish, finnish, english)
  • Cables for connecting valve unit and display unit
  • Power adapter
  • Back flow check valve & strainer

Display unit

Power supply:
24V DC
126(W) x 74(H) x 30(D) mm
Cable lenghts:
2.5 m

Valve unit

Pressure drop (bar):
0,30 bar
Maximal flow (m3 /h):
5,8 m3/h
Type of valve:
NO - Normally Open
Usage temperature:
+0 .. +90 °C